Immersive childbirth experience for paramedics

A virtual reality experience - led by paramedics

ParaNatus is an immersive virtual reality experience, built to reflect clinical best practice. It exposes paramedic students to pre-hospital emergency childbirth scenarios, that they might not otherwise encounter in their education.

Students are using the interactive solution today to learn how to make important decisions, and how to engage with women facing childbirth emergencies at home.

What if paramedics could be better prepared for childbirth emergencies?

Emergency maternal cases requiring paramedic attention in the home are infrequent but can escalate rapidly, often with little warning. 

The problem? Paramedic students rarely experience these situations. Traditional training sometimes has limitations in replicating the urgency, the decisions, or the delicate touch these moments require.

Built with today’s paramedics, ParaNatus is helping to prepare tomorrow’s paramedics for real-life maternal emergencies. 

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Built with paramedics to simulate decision making during emergency childbirth scenarios.

Providing accurate simulations of complicated childbirth scenarios, ParaNatus hones decision-making skills, and prepares paramedic students with a better understanding of how to respond appropriately and swiftly. Learners experience situations, until the right actions become second nature.

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Ready to transform paramedic training and empower healthcare professionals of tomorrow?

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