Peer through the lens of dementia and ageing

Dementia is about more than memory loss. LifeLens provides deeper understanding through a highly realistic VR experience of sensory impairments often encountered by people living with dementia. 

A virtual experience: empathic understanding for families and care teams

Experience the serious impact of visual and sensory loss often associated with dementia and age.

LifeLens uses virtual reality and sensory filters to emulate the effects of conditions faced by many thousands of people in the UK.

Families, health and care providers, and those designing environments, are immersed into a world where they can gain empathy with daily challenges.

Resulting understanding can help users create and deliver services, living spaces, and public areas, and make changes to enhance quality of life in the real-world.

A better understanding of daily challenges people face living with dementia:

Families, carers, and healthcare professionals such as GPs and nurses come closer to understanding dementia experiences, and can better respond to needs.

A unique first-person perspective

Help your teams to better relate and respond to the needs of people living with dementia. Contact us to arrange a workshop, or discuss how to integrate experiential learning into your training.

Ready to embrace sensory challenges through the lens of dementia and ageing ?

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