Designers using VR headsets

The Dementia Design Tool

Better design through Immersive Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality technology offers architects and designers a powerful tool in addressing the challenges they face when creating environments for people living with the cognitive and visual impairments of dementia.

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Poor design in a healthcare setting can have negative impacts on those who live with dementia. Dementia-friendly design, on the other hand, can offer a better, safer, more independent quality of life.

Described by RIBA Journal author, Stephen Cousins, as “cutting edge, immersive software designed to help architects improve the lives of people living with dementia,” VR-EP conveys the experience of the person who will live in the designed environment.

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Finished model imported to VR
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Embedding the perspective of end users into the design process is a win-win for the creators of care environments and for the people who live in them.

VR-EP is an invaluable tool for getting thing right first time.