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There are an estimated 50 million families affected by dementia across the world, with nearly 10 million new cases each year. Dementia can have a profound effect on those living with dementia as well as the emotional, physical, and financial pressure it can cause for families and carers.


That’s why our team at VR-EP have taken their personal experiences supporting loved ones with dementia to develop solutions which can improve the quality of life for those living with dementia and their families. 


So, what is VR-EP doing to help?


VR-EP is a virtual reality tool which can be used in the design of new buildings, and has the potential to assess existing buildings and environments. With the use of the VR-EP filter our customers can experience the effectiveness of their product in a more efficient way, which will not only improve the implementation of dementia-friendly design but can also help companies save money which can be reinvested and fed back into dementia research and support. 


We have also developed Dementia DX – a tool for training and education. We offer a range of training and workshops for carers and families to better understand what someone living with dementia experiences, which is essential to provide the best possible care and support to that person.


We strive to continue developing our product in line with the latest developments in dementia research and breaking down the stigma surrounding this global challenge. With VR-EP we can create global empathy and inspire design solutions to improve the lives of over 50 million people.



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Design & Innovation

With a background in architectural design, we focus on using our design experience for change. To promote innovation and problem solving in developing safe, functional, and improved living for those living with dementia.

 VR-EP can provide support in the design, construction and finishings of environments to reduce costs allowing money to be reinvested into innovating dementia projects.


With an estimated 50 million families affected by dementia across the world, families are at the heart of what we do.

Our own personal experiences informs our work and aims to promote visibility and provide families with an opportunity to gain more understanding of what their someone with Dementia might experience.

Through VR-EP families and carers can develop more empathy and better connect with their loved one to assist in providing them with a safe living environment and prolonging independence.


By using VR-EP as an educational tool we are not only facilitating positive change, but providing an experience which allows people to understand the symptoms of dementia in a way which has not previously been possible.

By stepping into a virtual environment we can present a more tangible experience to help people better understand some of the challenges of Dementia and how we can improve design and environment, to ultimately improve quality of life.


VR-EP is dedicated to developing empathy and understanding surrounding Dementia. Our goal is to break down the stigma of dementia and offer an ‘in their shoes’ experience.

By raising awareness of Dementia, VR-EP can begin to work with others to ensure safer environments with more effective care. We promote healthy living and ageing well through good design and knowledgeable care.