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We demonstrate the world of dementia visual impairment

Of the more than 55 million people living with dementia worldwide, an overwhelming number suffer from visual impairment, which contributes significantly to their cognitive disorientation. The ability to emulate their experience of their surroundings brings enormous benefit to anyone involved in creating or working in those environments. Our Virtual Reality Empathy Platform gives architects, designers, care home staff and family members a valuable insight into the way a person living with dementia sees the world.
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Experience sensory challenges of dementia and ageing.

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Use our immersive VR experience to help customers make informed product choices through empathy.
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We help architects and designers create better design practices through immersive VR insight and understanding of dementia.
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An immersive childbirth experience for paramedics.

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People are talking...

"The training was really impactful, more than I had anticipated. The quality of the visuals and actually seeing everything through your own eyes and then making adjustments, was pretty mind blowing."
Jacqui Treays, Hillcrest
"I realised that we lacked the emotional empathy necessary to trigger a deep and real engagement... Virtual reality makes this possible and especially VREP. With VREP you are immersed in a care home and you see through the eyes of a person living with dementia."
Marilyne Goulard, Tarkett
"The one thing that became very apparent after the training was how simple changes to someone's home environment can have a significant impact on the way that somebody with either dementia or eyesight issues sees their environment."
Chris Robb
Chris Robb, Hillcrest