A Revolutionary new platform

Imagine being able to see the world through another person's eyes, and use that information to influence design that can positively impact their life? VR-EP is launching soon, and will help architects and designers create dementia-friendly buildings and spaces by using a powerful Virtual Reality simulation like never before.

A Life Changing Invention

This life-changing invention can be used in the design of new buildings such as care homes, hospitals or sheltered housing, or to audit existing buildings and environments.

Powered by Virtual Reality

VR-EP uses state of the art Virtual Reality technology to allow users to 'enter' and explore 3D environments with an applied Dementia filter, simulating the visual impairments that an individual living with Dementia would have.

Brought to you by a team of experts

This platform has been brought to life through the collaborative effort of forward thinking Architects, healthcare experts and top-class visualisation artists.